Could it be that there are 2 types of world trade
zero sum ones that need regulating so that a country get overdependent on anothers products

social world trades go way above zero sum- eg where knowledge is multiplied in use by eg mentoring-

notably consider microfranchises which we define as offer open sourcing of a social solution designed to give a community capacity to serve an important need where the value of the service stays with the producers

could it be that this second type of world trade needs open society celebration not inter-country regulation? in a knowledge economy might social world trade be 10 times bigger than zero-sum particularly in markets where knowhow critically impacting millennials' sustainability goals.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hello exciting to be introduced to friends of Gutierrez...

I have several associates out of Washington DC region including the elearning platform who would like to help maximise number of millennials who know that liberation theology/Preferential Option Poor (POP culture) is an optimal ideology not only for people of faith/hope in the community who want to end poverty, but also for engaging professions and youth training to innovate solutions to end poverty. 
This is evident in the way since 1987 paul farmer and jim kim have specifically done with partners in community health (Haiti-Lima-Boston-Rwanda-Soros designated countries) and which jim kim now links in all his youth summit work at the world bank and in asking Pope Francis how to connect each others alumni

(if you dont already know the many ways in which paul farmer and jim kim advocate the preferential option poor values mindset please tell me and I can make a list of references)

2015 was the only year during Kim's presidency at the world bank that he got to choose where to locate the start of the year world bank meetings- he chose lima peru October 2015 both because that is where he has done his own greatest medical work and because of wanting every sustainability millennial to share his love of POP. Kim talks of movements that millennials will need to empower if the world bank is to meet his renewed goal to help all end poverty- he wouldnt have a way of celebrating this possibility without what Guttierez has diarised since 1968)

1 My understanding is Gutierrez spends half of his year at Notre Dame University in USA and half in Lima. If it would be possible to visit him for day at Notre Dame, I could bring a team over who want to know how to help maximise accessibility of these ideas to students. Also the whole Bangladesh race to end poverty (20 years of which Naila has mobile empowered as first female director of grameen phone) was based on paulo friere- sir fazle abed founder of brac the world's largest and best bottom-up ngo used his 20th open society laureate award by George Soros to translate Freire and Open Society ideologies as congruent in designing bottom up collaboration networks to end poverty; I would like to understand if Gutierrez sees overlaps between alumni of pedagogy of oppressed and Liberation theology. Both appear to have emerged from the Americas in late 1960s as ways of voicing future constitutions to free a continent's peoples. If it is not possible to see Gutierrez in Notre Dame would it be possible for me to bring a small group to Lima before early October

2 Just like Muhammad Yunus had a dream of every student union animating a social business club i would like to see every student union debate how POP can change the way they study/action a profession and intervene bottom up. This is more timely now with the UN transforming to sustainability goals than any time in its future or history (there are times when i wonder if the only 2 male leaders to wholly understand this are the Korean Kim and Ki-Moon though several leading ladies now have an opportunity to review with the ted turner family whether the billion dollars they spent on making UN simpler to partner has identified any others)

It would be great to know if Gutierrez has a map of where else bottom-up is being empowered in the cultural fusion of local and global design. In a way such open learning maps can go 2 ways - where POP renews meaning for those who are catholics in spirit (the largest goodwill identity on the planet); where POP links all faiths or professions whose ultimate hippocratic oath is to end poverty. I know it may sound weird now but my father spent his life at The Economist  mediating Keynsian views of the world- and as one of the last students mentored by Keynes, it was Keynes requirement that any alumni of his took a hippocratic oath of define economics as the way to design systems to empower next generations to end poverty and maximise the joy of every human livelihood

3 Living in washington DC , there is nowhere in so called free world whose biggest institutions and constitutions are driven/audited by a more opposite culture than POP.

Thats why i would like to see dc student union clubs of pop seeded virally and positively now

I would also like to see a  league tables of top 50 pro-youth and end poverty capitals mapped by which places have a strong pop or parallel movement - for example in a post Blattered/Fifa world,  will Rio in 2016 make becoming a top 10 Pop-youth capital its olympic legacy or become the next greece ruined by 12 days of celebrating sporting trivia rather than the youthful eternity of pop. Rome is already trying to get 2024 olympics for the best of POP reasons

eg if you are a follower of mandela, is that compatible with POP- ditto gandhi,  ditto Amma, ditto Maharishi.... any of the most truetd leaders of cultures which Rome is an anthropological treasure trove of helping map the future history of. I see this as connecting with Bernardo's university partnerships too

chris macrae - partners in publishing world record books of job creation


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